Hershey and Maggie's Recent Litter, from November 06

Photos of Clyde in his new home. He was adopted in early May:
Photos of Clyde in late April:  Around 4/20/07
Clyde lives in a family environment, is wonderful with children, very social, housebroken, and knows his commands.  He knows the words  NO,  SIT, COME, and FETCH we are still working on STAY (that one is more difficult for him).  And he loves to shake.  He has all the attributes of a gentle giant. He also knows the words, "What a good dog you are" when he obeys a command.  He truly will be a good friend for the family that adopts him.

Photos from 3/16/07

Our last pup from this litter is Clyde, photos from around 2/20/07
The owner of "Remi" reports:

"...The pic at the steps is the oldest. She has a real nice temperament. We are very proud of the job that she has been doing recently with house breaking. And also thank you guys for starting that early, it makes things a little easier at first. I will get back to you soon. Enjoy the pics."






Submitted 2/9/07

"...Here is an update on Sadie.  She is growing like a weed.  She loves to play in the snow.  Her favorite toy in the yard is her frisbee.  She is doing great with her training.  She is slowly getting used to car rides.  Hopefully she will start to enjoy them soon.  Everyone that meets her says how sweet and calm she is.  The trainer says she is a great dog (except her shyness, which is getting better also).  She loves sleeping in her bedroom crate with the fluffy quilt.  Most nights we can get 6+ hours of sleep before she needs to go out.  I can't wait till the 23rd for her next vet visit to see how much she has grown.  Dan says she looks like she grows bigger every time he looks at her.  The only chewing trouble we have had has been my son's tinker toys that he leaves laying around the house.  Her favorite toy in the house is her ball on a rope.  She loves to play tug of war.  She found her voice the other week when she met grandma's cat.  She wanted to play and the cat wanted nothing to do with her.  She is even getting braver with the big dogs next door." --Submitted 2/9/07
Check out a video of one of pups in action (about 12 wks)






Above and left: 1/8/07

At 8 1/2 weeks old
The pups are healthy. Each has received their first set of shots. They are ready to receive your love and attention and enjoy playing with people, including children.
The photo just above and to the right is a pup who has found a home with our webmaster. His name is Pippen.
Each pup has sound confirmation, a high quality coat and an appetite for your love. Contact us soon!

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