Maggie and  Hershey Fourth Litter



Maggie and Hershey had their fourth litter on December 6th, 2008 this is a picture of the puppies at one week old.  


Above Maggie is feeding the pups, two week old.                        Above Maggie is resting after a feeding and loving every minute of it.

Pups are resting after a feeding, just two weeks old today.              Two yellow males at 2.5 weeks of age. 

Two black males at 2.5 weeks of age, we just opened our eyes this week.  Along side are two yellow girls.


The two yellow girls, they are four weeks old tomorrow.  They are getting quite active now, and you can see them growing every day.


These are the three black boys.  As you can see they are pretty hard to hold together for a photo.


Two black girls.   


Two yellow males at four weeks old.                                            Today was our first taste of real food, um it was so good.


We are 4.5 weeks old.


We are learning how to drink from a bowl, very interesting. 

We also are learning patience and sharing.



Make sure you buy your puppy lots and lots of strong chew toys to keep him occupied. They all had their first shot at six weeks.

Today is Jan 21st and we had our first trip outside. Looks like we are very inquisitive.

It took them a while to venture off the sidewalk into the snow, but look out once they did, they were off and running.

We were really tired after our play in the snow. 








2006, Klondike Labradors